What to Expect

Below are a set of details that will explain the entire process from beginning to end. Starting from the time you place your order until the packet or portfolio is completed, submitted and mailed.


Step one


Order your packet or portfolio!  Pay and order online. (payments may be mailed in as well.  Fill out online contact information.  When filling out contact information, be sure to include your contact person, name and number.  Inmates do not have to choose a contact person but it is encouraged because the inmate is not easily accessible to answer questions that may come up during processing.  You may choose to notify Ladybug Services of your payment.  We will not begin work on your packet until your order has been paid.  Please call our office if you have any questions, (405) 697-5306, M-F 9am-3pm.


Step Two


Someone will contact you from Ladybug Services within 48hrs of you submitting your information.  Profile Information paperwork will be mailed to inmate be returned to Ladybug Services at earliest convenience.  Please print clearly or type your responses to ALL questions and attach requested paperwork when necessary and mail back quickly.  Check your email and voice messages.  If you have questions contact us at (405) 697-5306 or at ladybugsrvcs@gmail.com.


Step Three

Once we have received your profile information paperwork back, we will start the next process of the inmate's portfolio or parole packet.  We must gather information and documents in order to reflect the inmate's true character and progress at the time of his/her request.  This important information will be utilized to persuade the Parole Board, BOP(Federal Bureau of Prisons), the Governor or even your unit team to grant your request for early release, reduction in sentence, good conduct time, commutation, parole reviews, ect.  There is a lot of communication during this period of collecting and gathering between LBS(Ladybug Services) and inmate or inmate's contact person.  Please be sure to return all unanswered calls in a timely manner.  Keep in mind that procedures, rules and guidelines vary state to state.   We pride ourselves in completing all portfolios and packets on time!!


Step Four

After all information regarding the inmate is gathered, the compilation process begins.  Periodically someone from Ladybug Services will call to verify or clarify information and answers submitted with paperwork.  


Step Five

Once the parole packet or inmate portfolio is finalized, it will be sent to the inmate or the inmate's person of choice.  State inmate Parole Packets will be submitted to Parole Board Members between approximately two months before hearing to no later than two weeks before.  Federal  inmates should include their portfolios along with any prison forms and requests that they submit to BOP .This is to ensure that ALL Parole Board Members or review staff have proper time to read and review the packet before the parole hearing or annual inmate review. 


Step Six

The waiting period begins!  For state inmates, the results of the parole hearing are usually known within 24hrs following the parole hearing.  Federal inmates will be notified by the appropriate designee within BOP.  In most cases, our clients know before we do.  Someone from Ladybug Services may call or contact you to confirm results.  We also appreciate when clients and family members call, write or email us to share good news from parole hearings or reviews.  Feel free to send us pictures of the inmate reuniting with family after being released.  We thank you for your business!  Please remember that Ladybug Services does not guarantee any inmate will be recommended for early release or granted approval for requests made within state or federal prison systems.  All decisions regarding early release and such are solely up to the members of the Parole Board, BOP Review Teams or the governor.

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