Inmate Portfolios and Parole Packets

Inmate Portfolio and Parole Packets Half Priced Limited Time Only

$69.00+tax*  Parole packet or inmate portfolio include:


          - Two Finalized Copies of inmate's individual portfolio. Full complete unlimited page packet or portfolio (please note that some states and federal prisons limit the number of pages that can be submitted.)

           - Finalized copy of inmate's packet/portfolio will be sent directly to inmate or inmate's contact person -postage included.

           - All packets are mailed in our professional portfolio covers. 

           - Half off on all submitted parole packet updates for future hearings or requests.

Tips and monetary gifts are accepted.  Mail to: 

P.O. Box 30232, Edmond, OKlahoma 73003.  Thank you!!


Packets and portfolios take time to prepare, so keep in mind, the longer you wait, the less time you will have to get yours ready.  Federal inmates need a copy of their finalized portfolio before turning their request forms in to BOP.  Federal inmates who have parole reviews will need to order and pay for portfolio at least two months before parole review or longer.  State inmates should order and pay for parole packet anytime before and up to 2 months before inmate's parole hearing, or it is considered a late order.  Each state Parole Board have their own guidelines for when packets/portfolios are to be received. Keep in mind we try to give all parole board members plenty of time to review your packet well before the hearing so that they will be well informed before making recommendations regarding early release.  We recommend not waiting until last minute.  Orders placed after deadline will have a late fee.  We submit all Inmate Packets and Portfolios in full accordance with each state's guidelines for receiving material and Ladybug Services deadlines are based on those state requirements.  Inmate Portfolios By Ladybug Services fees are not refundable.

To order extra copies, priority or express mailing, pay late fee, ect., Hover over Services tab and select other service options or just click the "More Options" tab below....

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