About Us. 

Inmate Portfolios By Ladybug Services prepares professional state Parole Packets and federal Inmate Portfolios that represent the inmate, their voice and their progress.

Our Vision

Ladybug Services, legally known as Inmate Portfolios By Ladybug Services was created by Annie Thornton.  Annie is a graduate of Northern Oklahoma College and the University of Central Oklahoma with a Bachelor in Sociology.

We specialize in preparing parole packets and inmate portfolios nationwide. Our professionally prepared packets and portfolios give inmates and their families an opportunity to constructively fight for their voices to be heard for the chance to come home early.  

Federal non-violent offenders: Due to the Fair Sentencing Act and other criminal justice reforms currently taking place at the federal level, thousands have become eligible for early release.  Last year alone more than 6,000 inmates were released.  If you are going to be requesting sentence computation, reduction of sentence, drug program release, compassionate release, parole reviews, Psychiatric release, commutation of sentence, good conduct time or anything, including administrative remedy processes, you should order an inmate portfolio to send in along with your prison request forms, petitions and/or documents.  Our Inmate Portfolios have helped many with their requests and petitions in finding out if they are indeed eligible to go home early.


State non-violent offenders: Due to prison population overcrowding and budget concerns every state is tackling prison reform.  This process is much simpler for state than for federal inmates.  Every state inmate has parole hearings.  More and more people are becoming eligible for early release at their parole hearings.  Our packets have helped many people prepare for their parole hearings, commutation and other requests.  Order your parole packet well before your parole hearing so that you will be ready when the parole board reviews your case for early release.


Violent offenders at state and federal levels who approved by Ladybug Services(LBS) are allowed to order inmate portfolios or parole packets to use as needed toward their efforts to change, manage or update the length of their sentence, parole eligibility status or program reviews.  We reserve the right to deny services for any violent offender.


You or your contact person may contact us to get started, or you can place your order today and wait for us to contact you after payment has posted.

Thousands Have Been Released Due to Prison Overcrowding, Do You Meet Criteria for Early Release

For the past several years the prison populations have grown tremendously.  U.S. Government officials, the Department of Corrections, Federal Bureau of Prisons(BOP), human rights organizations, community leaders and many more have taken notice of the prisons overcrowding problems.  As a result top officials have been approving early releases for inmates who meet specific criteria.  Is your loved one eligible for early release by the State Parole Board or BOP(Federal Bureau of Prisons)?   

In order to increase an inmates chances of early release, he/she should submit something to the Parole Board or BOP(Bureau of Prisons).  A parole packet or inmate portfolio is individualized to show inmate's character and rehabilitation progress  supported by documentation in an effort to show inmates readiness for reintegration back into society.

Submitting a parole packet or inmate portfolio INCREASES your loved ones chances of being recommended for early release. 

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