Locked Up, But Not Forgotten

What You Should Know

Do you know anyone in Federal or State prison?  Did you know that thousands are being released from prison due to over capacity and other prison reform efforts.  Are you or someone you know eligible or deserve to be considered for an early release?  So what are you doing about it?  Our State Parole Packets and Federal Inmate Portfolios are compilations of information about the inmate, their family, future goals, progress, their successes to humanize them and show how they've conquered their struggles and are ready to move on to being productive law abiding citizens.  We can help! 

Our Solution.

We specialize in preparing parole packets and inmate portfolios.  When you order from Ladybug Services, you can expect professional, experienced friendly service.  Your personalized packets/portfolios may include; training and skills, education, employment plans, charts, graphs, re-integration plan, support team/family, write-ups/disciplines, pictures, support letters, program completions, character profiles, ect.  For more information on what to expect once your order has been placed, click here....

Our Services.

Ladybug Services will prepare and mail two finalized copies of the Inmate's Packet/Portfolio to board members or review team and a copy to the inmate or person of inmate's choice.  All parole packets should and may be ordered a year to 2 months before inmate's parole hearing to ensure our processors have time to compile and complete every subject area of inmate's portfolio.  We recommend not waiting until last minute to place orders.

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